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Instalar Java, Tomcat 7 y el conector Apache mod_jk en CentOS 6 :: JMGiner.eu


José Manuel Giner

Instalar Java, Tomcat 7 y el conector Apache mod_jk en CentOS 6 —

Documentación rápida sobre como instalar Instalar Java, Tomcat 7 y el conector Apache mod_jk en CentOS 6.
Click aquí para ver el documento en el wiki.

– Update 30/01/2012 : Añadida configuración de compatibilidad con UTF-8

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  1. Daz dice:

    Gracias por el tutorial funcionó perfecto

  2. admin dice:

    @Johnny B

    Maybe you dont need to create a new VirtualHost on the step 7 and try to edit the default virtualhost.
    Try to install webmin if you want a interface to manage Apache VirtualHosts.
    Be sure you do a Apache restart after modifications.

  3. Johnny B dice:

    Quick review :
    1. Installed the new JDK under /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_04
    2. Installed apache-tomcat under /usr/tomcat7
    3. Added new user “tomcat” with directory in /usr/tomcat7
    4. Changed /usr/tomcat7 permisions for tomcat
    5. Droped the war file in /usr/tomcat7/webapps and it made a new folder, named “ea”
    — at this point we got http://www.domain.net:8080/ea working —
    6. Installed the tomcat connector
    — at this point we got http://www.domain.net/ea working —
    Now i just want to make the app run on http://www.domain.net, without the need of “/ea”
    7. Added a new virtualhost in httpd.conf with documentroot in /usr/tomcat7/webapps/ea
    8. Added a new virtual host in tomcat server.xml with appbase in /usr/tomcat7/webapps
    — at this point http://www.domain.net its not working —
    So my problem is point 7 and 8 and i dont know how to fix it.

  4. admin dice:

    @Johnny B

    I think you dont need the mod_jk connector, simply run your war using the URL http://IP:8080,
    maybe if you want use the mod_jk, try to create the Apache VirtualHost on /usr/tomcat7/webapps/ea (check folder permissions and user/group owner of this folder). The response to your questions are, yes and yes 🙂 But I’ve not tested…

  5. Johnny B dice:

    Thanks for the work and nice explications but i have a question.
    Im helping a friend of mine to host one website on one of the servers i administrate but i never used java/tomcat/mod_jk before so i got a little lost.
    So i have instaled httpd-devel, added tomcat user and installed tomcat.
    Since i already host 3 other sites i have added the virtualhost for his domain but i dont understand something :
    – his war file deploys some folders without any index.jsp/index.php/index.html …
    – if i deploayed his application in /usr/tomcat7/webapps/ea ( “ea” its his folder after the war deploys ) do i need change in httpd.conf the documentroot to /usr/tomcat7/webapps/ea ?
    – also, in tomcat server.xml the should be the same as documentroot appBase=”/usr/tomcat7/webapps/ea” ?
    Thanks for your help

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